The Organized Wedding, LLC (2002-2010)

The Organized Wedding is a desktop application for couples who are planning their wedding. There is also a separate product, The Organized Wedding Consultant, which is a core business tool for professional wedding planners.

All design and implementation is mine. The UI was designed in C#/WPF/XAML and implemented in C++/MFC

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Sample screen shots (click a thumbnail to see a bigger version):


Natus Medical Inc. (2005-2010)

While at Natus, I completed the development of multiple versions of two different products. Olympic Cool-Cap is the leading treatment device for hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, and Olympic CFM 6000 is a cerebral function monitor for newborns. The initial designs for these products were created by my predecessor. I completed the design and implementation of both products. The UI processes are implemented in Trolltech QT, while the processes for interacting with the device hardware are implemented in straight Linux C++. I was a major contributor to both layers.

Both user interfaces run on touch screens embedded in medical devices. The screen shots of the second application were actually taken from CFM Viewer, which is a version of the CFM 6000 that I ported to Windows.

Olympic Cool-Cap System

Product Webpage
Olympic CFM 6000 Monitor


Perkin Elmer (2000-2002)

While at Perkin Elmer, I created the highly custom, "branded" look for an entire family of applications for robotic instrument control and biological data analysis (ArrayInformatics, ScanArray, SpotArray, and ProteinArray). I was solely responsible for the design work on all four user interfaces, and was responsible for all implementation on three of them. All work was done in C++/MFC.